Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4 Weeks to go..!!

Time is nearing.. with 4 weeks left until the event we've been very busy, last week 3 new caches - this week 6 new ones - just waiting for them to be published.

The snow levels are staying longer then we originally intended, so it looks like the whipsaw run can't happen as part of the event - but there is always next year for that part.. so we've been doing a little bit of rearranging of the intended caches and placing a few more "new ones" then originall intended.. but only 17 decks of cards left to place.. he he and 6 or 7 more on the list for next weekend.

We're quite excited as we get closer.. and that we can actually get into Blakeburn again.. We headed in on Sunday during Easter and found Mary McKay's house.. amzing location that it is!! Here is the cache page listing for that one.. We still have 4 more Blakeburn Caches to place out of the 17.

Below is the picture of the Shaughnessy Division that we were in - hard to believe that it was that vital back then - looking at it now 70 years later. But there is something to be said for standing in the doorway of the old home that we would call a shack and knowing who it belonged to. It speaks louder to us then you can imagine, and this year is the start of a lifetime history lesson for us that we want to share with others - so many amazing locations to see..

See you all soon and yes there will be another update soon - (more often as we get closer!!)

FromTulamee - Great Coal Rush Planing

We welcome you to the Shaughnessy division of Blakeburn, In thewords of Terry – A few homes did have that wonderful modernconvenience – flush toilets. The lucky ones that did were: GeorgeMurray, Norman Caulfield and Bill McKinnon. The Robert D.S. Murrayhome was mainly of all wood frame construction and at 1200 squarefeet was quite large for the time.

Despite a 1928 campaign to “beautify Blakeburn” by JamesPendergrast, no more than half a dozen homes were ever painted.Those residents that did attempt to beautify confined their effortsto landscaping and a low rock wall lining the trail throughShaughnessy.

Many singles however continued to satisfy themselves with a simpleone or two room cabin. Everyone except for the ten or so homes inthe small sub-division of Lewis Camp located one mile beforeBlakeburn, had access to electricity and coal heat at a specialcompany rate.

Many notable residents lived here, this is the home of one MissMary McKay -

The irrepressible Miss Mary McKay. Though a wee lass at 4 feettall no burly miner dared to cross her Scottish temper. As operatorof the company store and post office she had her finger on theheart of the community. She served from 1925-1940 as the townsstore clerk, post mistress and not so secret gossip correspondentfor the Princeton Star . She knew everyone and everything abouteveryone and, was willing to share her news (anonymously) with theas a quest columnist.

In an era when a single women and man living together was nottolerated, Mary and William Waddell did live together for manyyears and no one ever complained, such was the high esteem Marycarried within the community. She served from 1925-1940 as thetowns store clerk, post mistress and not so secret gossipcorrespondent for the Princeton Star

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