Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Success by any Measure

I think we can safely say that based on the feedback to date so far, and a great jumping board to go from here to the next one. We will be doing the wrap up stories in the next 10 days or so, reading through all the amazing logs and it really puts into perspective for us that I need to get e-mail on the lap top to take it with us.. lol - hmmm perhaps tote the desk top to the Cabin on friday night.

We are sad to think of all those that wanted to be there but were not able to, perhaps we need a Coal rush 2 this summer without the cards.. lol here's an offer - for those that couldn't make it but still want to enjoy it together work out a date!

We do still have some books and coins available for anyone who would like one.. for just the publishing costs.. We have a few put aside for those that asked before hand - we'll be sending you a message over the next few days..

A huge thank you to all that helped make this dream come true and for those that helped us pull it off and for the help during the event. Our hearts just are overwhelmed by the support that the geocachign community gave us to make this happen - as a dream is only that a dream without those that believe in it and encourage you along the long road to make it happen.. so many words, so many stories, so many photo's - right now all a bit overwhelming and it can almost bring me to tears thinking about how Jordy and I - who were the poster children for anti-social (in our misunderstood monster ways about how can you be happy sitting around talking about picking paint) until we found caching now have so many people that we can call friends.

The meeting of people this weekend that we had only had brief interactions via e-mails cemented what we thought we knew - that they are amazing people who are so warm and give you that happy warm fuzzy feeling where you can hug someone when you meet them in person the first time..

The Coal Rush is wrapping up soon - and I'll be adding in the slide shows and links in a few final posts over the next week (hope no one mines us adding their links here) -

As well as our list of thanks, the full list of those who attended will be fixed up as well and those who played poker - a living history of the event.. :)

Hugs to All!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

8 Days and counting

I think it's 8 or is it 9.. not sure as it's all blending together.

A quick update before I go and continue to proof the book before sending it to the printers.. and a few requests..

1. There is one cache left to be published - it is in Mtn-Man's que so just time (and yes it's 160 meters away from anything)
2. If you are watching the event and even thinking of coming please let us know - with the making of the book and CD it's very important that we know that you're "thinking" of coming as we'd rather have a few extra then not enough!
3. There are still spots to attend the event, camping, coins and poker! but if you want one held please let us know as it will help our poor orgination as we get closer

Sunday we hiked in and placed the last 4 caches.. it was an anti-climatic experience.. something we've worried about for months with the snow levels, wondering what people would be expecting, would people enjoy this change from the normal events.. We reflected back in awe of the support that we've gotten from not only the cachers coming, but from the locals - the towns are encouraging it, the businesses that we've asked to participate.

We stood placing the cache at lover's leap and looking down at the valley below and pictured ourselves 90 years ago here when they built the trestle and closed our eyes (not standing near the cliff) and could hear the busy hustle of the ghosts that lived here before..

As we approach the final few days we thank you for your awesome support in making this dream come true. Unbelievable that we have cachers from all across the province uniting together to experience this..

Do let us know if you have any question at all.. or even are thinking of coming! Once the event is over we plan on pairing up with a few people near to our hear that can't make it due to other priorities and they will get copies of everything.. and they must promise to come up as soon as they can!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 Weeks and closer

Or rather 3 weekends left to complete everything. We had such a great time this weekend - which considering we were only really there one day to enjoy it is saying a lot.

Sunday it hit 22 beautiful degrees - sitting on the deck of the cabin watching Hamilton (our new Squirrel with only a half tail) after running around and placing 8 more decks of cards earlier that morning and the realities of how much the community is supporting this hit us. We should have realized it sooner and taken advantage of it (in a good way) but we thought this was our little thing and that we'd have to convince them it was good - they are loving it - all the way from Princeton to Tulameen.

We approached one of the business to see if they would take part and they were so exicted to be able to help out "Anything for the history and community of the area!!" and the smiles were amazing.

We managed to drop off another 8 Decks of cards - only 1 new cache this weekend - still 6 more new caches to list after this. The Mozey-on-inn placed 3 brand new cache last weekend as well. We couldn't quite finish all the plans as that whirlwind trip to 100 mile and back to a bit of time. Yesterday we took a look at the weather up there - and it 25 degrees. After the long winter we've had it's nice to see the weather changing around so quickly!

We are getting a few more RSVP's for the event, which is awesome - we're hoping for a few more in the next couple of weeks - regardless it's going to be a blast!

Of the 6 Caches left to come - 4 Will be in Blakeburn itself, 1 for fun that will be part of the blitz and another neat location that Jordy's known about for years. Of the 3 remaining decks of cards to place other then that - we tried 3 weeks ago and snow was a bit high, but with 25 degree days we have no worries that we'll be able to get in there (that will be a total of 6 weeks - a lot can happen).

We will be marking the next 4 in Blakeburn with Green "geocaching" flagging tape - please try to follow it. It will help ensure minimal impact on the area and keep you safe. If you're bringing Quads - make sure to follow the rules and no more then 5-10 km an hour in the urban areas.. :)

If you do have any last questions let us know!!

See you in a few weeks

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4 Weeks to go..!!

Time is nearing.. with 4 weeks left until the event we've been very busy, last week 3 new caches - this week 6 new ones - just waiting for them to be published.

The snow levels are staying longer then we originally intended, so it looks like the whipsaw run can't happen as part of the event - but there is always next year for that part.. so we've been doing a little bit of rearranging of the intended caches and placing a few more "new ones" then originall intended.. but only 17 decks of cards left to place.. he he and 6 or 7 more on the list for next weekend.

We're quite excited as we get closer.. and that we can actually get into Blakeburn again.. We headed in on Sunday during Easter and found Mary McKay's house.. amzing location that it is!! Here is the cache page listing for that one.. We still have 4 more Blakeburn Caches to place out of the 17.

Below is the picture of the Shaughnessy Division that we were in - hard to believe that it was that vital back then - looking at it now 70 years later. But there is something to be said for standing in the doorway of the old home that we would call a shack and knowing who it belonged to. It speaks louder to us then you can imagine, and this year is the start of a lifetime history lesson for us that we want to share with others - so many amazing locations to see..

See you all soon and yes there will be another update soon - (more often as we get closer!!)

FromTulamee - Great Coal Rush Planing

We welcome you to the Shaughnessy division of Blakeburn, In thewords of Terry – A few homes did have that wonderful modernconvenience – flush toilets. The lucky ones that did were: GeorgeMurray, Norman Caulfield and Bill McKinnon. The Robert D.S. Murrayhome was mainly of all wood frame construction and at 1200 squarefeet was quite large for the time.

Despite a 1928 campaign to “beautify Blakeburn” by JamesPendergrast, no more than half a dozen homes were ever painted.Those residents that did attempt to beautify confined their effortsto landscaping and a low rock wall lining the trail throughShaughnessy.

Many singles however continued to satisfy themselves with a simpleone or two room cabin. Everyone except for the ten or so homes inthe small sub-division of Lewis Camp located one mile beforeBlakeburn, had access to electricity and coal heat at a specialcompany rate.

Many notable residents lived here, this is the home of one MissMary McKay -

The irrepressible Miss Mary McKay. Though a wee lass at 4 feettall no burly miner dared to cross her Scottish temper. As operatorof the company store and post office she had her finger on theheart of the community. She served from 1925-1940 as the townsstore clerk, post mistress and not so secret gossip correspondentfor the Princeton Star . She knew everyone and everything abouteveryone and, was willing to share her news (anonymously) with theas a quest columnist.

In an era when a single women and man living together was nottolerated, Mary and William Waddell did live together for manyyears and no one ever complained, such was the high esteem Marycarried within the community. She served from 1925-1940 as thetowns store clerk, post mistress and not so secret gossipcorrespondent for the Princeton Star

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The coin has been ordered now, we are taking down names for reservations (coin to be paid and picked up at the event) - we are only ordering a 100 on the first round.

We will be playing Poker on Saturday Night - limit of 30 players right now - if you'd like to play please let us know so we can put your name down.

The hall has been paid for for the Sunday night Awards Dinner and that event will be posted about 3 weeks prior to the final date.We've recently heard that we have a 4x4 club coming from Alberta (and very excited.. )

And for all you campers - We have arranged a group camp location - this location can hold at least 30 - 26 foot trailers so space should be good. It's on private land and is being held specifically for us!It is adjacent to the Granit Creek Campground, we will be posting coordinates under the Friday Night Meet & Greet Event - GC1JHV4 - This way people can find it.

Will be submitting that cache tonight as we want people to be able to find it.We will be hosting the meet & greet there as well as it's big enough to hold all the vehicles!

We're hoping that anyone coming that is not staying on our lot, or in a hotel/cabin will stay here as we would prefer for everyone to be together (better socialization) and this way we know the trailers can turn around. Cost is $10 a night and you get your first bundle of firewood free. We will be collecting the funds and providing it to the owner of the land.

If you would like a guarnateed spot held for you - again e-mail us:tulameenturtles@shaw.caThings are gearing up and over 3000 cards have been placed in happy envelopes - and we have everything ready to go be placed (do you have any idea how much space this many ammo cans take up.. lol)Guest list is building and we're nearing things.

On Saturday Mr. Turtle will be providing a trail host on the Whipsaw Run - so those who want to ATV/ 4x4 it through there please coordinate with us (we want everyone safe in & out) or ask any questions So if you want your name down for anything - let us know!

Even if there is too much snow to make it all the way in, we should be able to make it a good distance from the one way then can do Falcon hill through Lodestone - missing a small piece -

We did a quick run up Lodestone on Saturday and were quite pleased with how far we were able to get up - We will be going up there again in a few weeks and do another update.. :)

Can't wait to see everyone!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Excitement - Just around the corner

Well a little over 2 months left until everyone is together to celebrate this incredible area. As we finish the research for the book (thank you TJguy98 for lending the books) and folding the last of the cards (thank you Scruff for them!) and planning poker (thank you Gearhedd) and listing the prizes (thank you everyone!) we sit back and realize just how much of a community event this is. With people coming from all points in the province - from Prince George, the Island, Lower mainland, Kamloops, Kelowna & now Vernon we sit back and think about how amazing it is to see such a cohesive group coming together as one.

We couldn't do this event without the help of so many people - so we say thank you. We have located camping info for the Granite Creek Campground - $10 a night and first come first served, the Otter Creek Campground doesn't look like it's open until May 18th, we suggest contacting them directly. There is a third option that we are looking into and will have more info in the next few weeks.

Going on this journey takes us back in time, back in time to when the railway lines ran down the lines, where the tunnels were built and towns sprung up along them to help supply the trains with supplies. A time to when you could hear the clink clank of the trams as they ran overhead, where there was no insulation in the walls. 1930 - a whole different world then the one we take for granted.

1929 - The great depression impacted Canada quite greatly, the families had little to start with, but in looking at the pictures there were smiles. Combine the impacts of this with the impact of the explosion - the combination would have been devastating. If we were to live those lives and had to switch from our homes, our cars and live like that would we still be able to smile - no. In many ways when I reflect on how they viewed what was important I think that they were right and we have it wrong. In our current days of commercialism, advertising, and goals to have more we forget so much.

So when in Blakeburn and exploring the areas keep in mind what their lives were like, it's about the memories that are there, the memories that you'll build - celebrating our Heritage, Educating others, Learning and Preservation of the area.

It's our new Credo - Geocachers HELP..

and don't worry you're getting garbage bags while there so you can CITO if needed along the way -

Thanks for allowing me my moment of quiet reflection of what is important on this event - We will be headed back up to the cabin next weekend to start putting in place the final pieces for the event.

Now funny about Ammo boxes, I went over to see Nina the other day and you should have seen the look on her face when I told her I needed MORE ammo boxes - I think I'm starting to have a serious problem and need help..... LOL AMMO BOXES.. MY PRECIOUS AMMO BOXES - I LOVE AMMO BOXES